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I am so excited to have pumpkinandme.com up and running. The mission of pumpkin and me™ is to educate families about how to adapt a sustainable healthy lifestyle. pumpkin and me™ is an all-inclusive service when it comes to your food needs. Whether your goal is to get your children to eat more veggies or you are trying to lose that baby weight, we can work together to create healthy habits that will become a part of your basic routine. My nutritional consulting sessions can be catered to your personal health needs and desires. If you would like to go beyond just creating a meal plan, my healthy cooking lessons will have you whipping up quick, easy, health-supportive dishes in no time. I am a recent culinary school graduate and am currently working in the kitchen of Daniel. I am taking my experience from Daniel and the Natural Gourmet Institute and bringing it to your kitchen. Check out my future blog posts for inspiration for meals for the whole family as well as healthy living tips. Find me on instagram, @pumpkinandme to see what I am cooking up daily. Please contact me for any of your health and wellness needs. Alisa

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